Saturday, May 7, 2011

Quick Response To Emily Hale

First, Godfather Part III did complete the Michael arc, but Coppola's daughter was such a bad actress it brought down the entire film. And as much as FLG like Andy Garcia generally, his character was annoying. Plus, FLG thinks Godfather Part III was the inflection point in Pacino's career where he went from phenomenal actor to just playing a caricature of himself that he created. This was in full effect by Scent of a Woman two years later.

Second, about Georgetown Day. FLG had to run to campus on Georgetown Day and saw countless students stumbling around drunk. Emily was frustrated:
Let's just say yesterday was the first time I've led a discussion with drunk people in it (it was Georgetown Day).

FLG is of two minds on this. He is no stranger to showing up to class drunk. In fact, he took a data structures final completely shitfaced. (Yes, he failed the test. In case you are wondering though, the primary reason he failed out of the University of Colorado was skiing, not drinking.) So, he feels somewhat hypocritical saying...

Now, as somebody older and wiser, he finds this all terribly unbecoming. It's all very immature and a waste of great opportunity to learn some more, and hopefully tie the course up, at the end of the semester.

But to be completely frank here, FLG thinks the fault lies primarily with the administration. Georgetown Day should be the first day AFTER classes and before reading days for finals.


Emily Hale said...

So true. You're absolutely right--put it on a weekend, cancel classes, put it on a reading day--any of those things will do. Thanks for your thoughts!

The Ancient said...

I'm so glad you posted this, because I had just assumed it was Dress Like a Tramp Day.

Now I realize there was a perfectly legitimate, officially sanctioned reason for nineteen year-olds to be screaming in the streets at two in the afternoon.

(But it should be on a weekend, when grown-ups know enough to be out of town.)

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