Monday, May 2, 2011

FLG's First And Probably Last Cigar Review

About two months ago, FLG mentioned how he had been searching for non-Cohiba Robusto cigars that he enjoys and could smoke legally in the United States.

He keeps trying new ones, but seems to return these two:

Padron 2000

It's usually about $4.50 in the stores around FLG. It's a nice 30 minute smoke.

Oliva Serie V Double Robusto

This one is somewhere in the $6-7 range, but it's fantastic. FLG has always been attracted to the Cohibas because they are smooth. There's not any harshness like you can get in some other cigars. Review after review mentioned the smoothness of the Oilva Serie V. So, FLG bought one. It is definitely smooth, but it also packs quite a punch. More than the Cohiba. That punch means FLG takes longer to smoke 'em. He needs a good hour or so to enjoy these. He likes them so much though that FLG bought a box. Cannot recommend them highly enough.

Final Note: FLG also discovered a couple other things during this process. First, he likes fuller bodied cigars. He gets, annoyed is probably the best word, with the milder ones. Also, FLG likes Nicaraguan cigars apparently, as both of the above cigars are made of entirely Nicaraguan tobacco.

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