Thursday, May 19, 2011

FLG's Academic Navel Gazing

FLG isn't a great student. He thinks he's smart enough. Not that he's the smartest person in any room, but possess the raw intellectual horsepower necessary for even demanding fields. Why then is he a poor student?

First, and most obviously, it's not just about smarts. Being talented in one area may reduce the amount of effort one has to put in, but,= in general to be great at something you have to be talented and put in a lot of effort. FLG, unfortunately, is lazy.

Second, he's also easily distracted.

Third, in some sick sort of rationalization, he dismisses things he isn't particularly interested in as irrelevant. (However, FLG would like to submit that most of the time he's correct on this. There are people who mull over all sorts of irrelevant things. Then again, it could be the rationalization talking.)

This translates into lackluster grades in all but subjects of the utmost interest to FLG. Unfortunately, FLG is far too old to change any of this now. Not that any of this is important anyway.


Withywindle said...

You will know what to look for in Miss FLG, and gently correct her to be a Superior Version of Yourself. (And of Mrs. FLG, of course.) Thus, when she programs the first Artificially Intelligent Pirate, it will be due to your applied knowledge of yourself.

FLG said...

Artificially Intelligent Pirate, eh?

Maybe I will do that PhD afterall...

The Ancient said...

Just make sure she programs that Artificially Intelligent Pirate to be something other than a household domestic.

(That way there be dragons.)

J. Otto Pohl said...

I have stressed to my students that getting good grades is not contingent on being smart. They are all pretty smart. But, rather doing the required work. The biggest mistake students make is thinking that because they are smart they do not need to do the work to get a good grade.

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