Monday, May 2, 2011

FLG Doesn't Ever Remember A Day That He Woke Up such unexpected, but welcome news. FLG hopes all the souls of those who died on that terrible day have found some peace, if they hadn't already.


Anonymous said...

Osama bin Laden was left handed, and he had a lot to fear.

Just saying.. dave.s.

Anonymous said...

Do you recall me telling you more than a year ago that we had a dinner party with one of Petraeus's guys and I asked him if Osama was alive. And he told me not only is he alive - we know exactly where he is - he had read the intelligence reports himself- and it turns out it was exactly where Osama gave up the ghost yesterday. And I asked him why don't we go in and get him? And he said, that's what the military is waiting to see - if Obama's got the courage to go in and get him.

Doing that is a bit tricky, I guess fallout-wise.

Don't you think Bill Ayers must have vertigo?

Mrs. P

Anonymous said...

Obama's left handed, too.

He afraid? No Drama Obama? Nah. dave.s.

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