Monday, May 16, 2011


FLG was surprised, but not shocked by the allegations against DSK.

To be completely honest, FLG shouldn't even have been surprised, as this video The Ancient sent along explains (in French):

DSK accusé d'agression sexuelle by Confiteor

Buttonwood made an interesting point about things other than the crime:
Just note that the New York Times states that he was staying in a $3,000 a night suite and was taking a first class flight to Paris. This is the IMF, the body that imposes austerity on indebted countries and is funded by global taxpayers. And this was the likely leading socialist candidate for the French presidency.


The Ancient said...

Wall Street Takes Its Shots.

I broke my usual rule and spent the better part of an hour this afternoon talking to two European reporters. I was astounded that neither of them had seen or heard of this old clip, or the new clip made by her mother, who is apparently remorseful that she told her daughter to be still about the entire episode. (Any francophone who is interested can find the videos at Le Figaro.)

The Ancient said...

Memo to BHL:

This takes personal friendship and political solidarity much too far.

(And coming from a married man who has spent the past couple years chasing Daphne Guinness's skirts, it's just asking for trouble.)

The Ancient said...

Bueller ... Bueller ... Bueller ...

"I may vomit."

The Ancient said...

"Sublime, au sens kantien"?

Pas vraiment ...

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