Tuesday, May 10, 2011

A Conversation

FLG and a couple of classmates are meeting with a professor.

Professor: Where are you from, originally?

Classmate: Africa.

Professor: Which country?

Classmate tells him.

Professor: Interesting, that reminds me of a story.

When I lived in France, I knew this interesting fellow. Very affable. Spoke three languages that I knew of, probably more than that. Always dashing here and there, including your country. Somewhat mysterious.

One day, we were sitting in a cafe, Left Bank, St.-Germain-des-Pres. After several glasses wine, I asked what exactly he did for a living. He said, "Illegal arms dealer" as one might say they are an insurance salesman.

His business probably didn't do your country or its people any favors, but very fascinating man.

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Galatea said...

Effective sociopaths are charismatic. Fidel Castro is utterly charming in a social setting.

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