Thursday, May 5, 2011

A Conversation

In the comments, Jason asked about FLG's sighting of Paul Newman. FLG searched unsuccessfully through the Official Fear and Loathing in Georgetown Archives for the text of the conversation and realized that he might never have posted it. So, here goes.

There used to be a Boston Chicken in Westport, CT in one of the shopping centers at the corner of Compo and Post Roads. FLG was waiting patiently in line when somebody walked up behind him. More out of instinct than anything, FLG turned around, looked at the person, and then turned to face forward again. After a second or so, his brain processed the information that the man who got in line behind him looked exactly like Paul Newman. Naturally, FLG turned around again.

Paul Newman: Hi.

FLG: Oh, sorry for the double take. Hello.

Paul Newman: Don't worry. Happens all the time.

FLG: Well, I wouldn't have expected to run into you here. I mean, you have your own food and all.

Paul Newman responds straight-faced without missing a beat: Sure, but Joanne loves the chicken and is sick of eating fucking popcorn.

FLG through massive amounts of laughter: I'd imagine.


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