Friday, April 29, 2011


Look, FLG isn't perfect. He typo'd Sartre, twice, until The Ancient pointed it out.

Anyway, FLG was calmly driving home when he heard this during a story on book festivals:
It puts readers and authors and bookstores all in the same place. And that's something that no matter how cheaply online retailers sell books for, they aren't going to put you in a room with an author who you admire.

At that point, well, FLG began yelling at the radio:
WHOM YOU ADMIRE! You're manager of a FUCKING BOOKSTORE and you don't know to use whom?! You, subject. Author, object of your admiration. Er-fucking-go, whom!

FLG needs to do a gooder job of keeping his temper.


Anonymous said...

Yelling at the radio is a bad sign. Chamomile tea can help. Or valium. dave.s.

Withywindle said...

No, no. Yelling at the radio is good. Sitting their silently, eye twitching, is bad.

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