Monday, April 4, 2011

Math And Science To Compete In The Global Economy

FLG has long been a critic when it comes to the idea that math and science are what the nation needs students to study to compete in the global economy. But let FLG be the first to say that he's fully supportive of making Algebra II a requirement to get a high school diploma. It was at his high school and FLG took it his freshman year.

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Anonymous said...

What are you thinking a high school diploma should signify? I think an employer should be able to feel reasonably confident that the HS diploma holder can write reasonably, has some notion of our system of government and its history, and has adequate facility with arithmetic. If the employer actually needs someone who can handle math at a higher level (Army looking for artillery guys, or a bookkeeping firm looking for someone to make sense of entered data) it can ask for a transcript, or give an exam.
Much of our problem here is that anti-discrimination rules make a lot of employer strategies to discover competence at needed skills suspect, but a better solution is to think more carefully about how employers can look for the right level of talent they need, rather than to require all high school students to attain competence at something most job holders will not need. dave.s.

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