Thursday, April 7, 2011

FLG's Stream-of-consciousness

FLG read the following headline:
First homosexual caveman found

...and immediately thought to himself:
How do they know that? They find a Cro-magnon's petrified cock in his mouth?

Turns out the man was buried like a woman, which could also mean the deceased was transgender or third gendered.


Anonymous said...

Maybe his enemies did this as a joke dave.s.

The Ancient said...

Weren't defeated generals always interred this way?

Galatea said...

Oh for cripes' sake. This is a cry for attention from an archaeologist who thinks she hasn't gotten enough. I guess their dig needs some cash, and I get that times are tight, but carelessly equating the modern-day delineations of 'homosexual', 'transgender', and 'third gendered' in the name of sensationalism really doesn't seem like it will win them many friends.


"She added that Siberian shamans, or latter-day witch doctors, were also buried in this way but with richer funeral accessories to appropriate to their elevated position in society. "

... but this guy didn't have all the trappings, so he must've been queer instead? How on earth can they ground that statement, having admitted to other exceptions to the male/female burial rules?

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