Wednesday, April 6, 2011


Oddly, this post isn't about emails FLG has received, but rather about a bunch of replies he hasn't received. A whole host of people have decided to ignore FLG. Just so you know, he's a busy man. If he emails you, then you really ought to feel very privileged.

FLG was wondering what he might have done to offend so many people. It's not like he's done anything to cause Beavergate III. (For those interested, background on Beavergate I & II can be found here and here. While FLG is on this topic, here's a video with the creator of the vibrating beaver. FLG learned something. Who knew there was a National Masturbation Month? )

Anyway, then FLG was thinking, hey, maybe if he started appending "Respond to this email and I'll send you a vibrating beaver," then he'd get more responses. Cuz who doesn't want a vibrating beaver? But at $45 a pop, that's a bit pricey to encourage email responses.

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