Monday, April 4, 2011


FLG received an email over the weekend from a student lucky enough to be accepted by both Georgetown SFS and Harvard asking for insight/advice.

FLG's response was this:
Georgetown is a great university and SFS is a unique school. FLG is sure you'd get a great education at either place, but this is his advice: If you have something specific in international affairs that you want to study and pursue a career in, then definitely SFS. You'll be able to really tailor your education and do related internships during the school year.

If you aren't sure, if you just want to go to a good school then go into investment banking or management consulting, or you just like the idea of having an internationally-focused career because it sounds like traveling on your company's dime, then go to Harvard.

Georgetown's name open doors in a whole host of industries, and in certain places Georgetown SFS is as good as it gets, but Harvard's is going to open doors in more. And if you are anything like FLG was, then what you thought you wanted to do at 18 will turn out to be all wrong. Better then to be at a place that offers more options both in terms of academic programs and name recognition.

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