Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Very Quickly

FLG is too busy to respond to this comment by Andrew Stevens right now. But he will.

FLG is too busy because he is plugging away on his HP 12c trying to get some homework done, which reminded him that a surprising number of people have offered negative comments about his financial calculator. It follows along one of three lines. First, use Excel. (FLG does, but for many things he finds the calculator faster.) Second, the TI BA II is cheaper. (Okay, great. FLG already has the HP 12c. So going out to buy another calculator would be a waste of money.) Third, the notation is awful. (FLG thinks this is the primary complaint people really have. They think Reverse Polish notation is a hassle to learn. Well, FLG's father taught him how to use the damn thing and RPN when he was a wee lad and he's perfectly happy with it. To be completely honest, FLG catches a thick tone of insecurity coming from many of these commenters. It's just a calculator people.)


Andrew Stevens said...

I actually prefer RPN, since it obviates the need for parentheses for use in order of operations. I do use a TI BA II, though (or Excel). I've only used an HP 12c once and my objection to it was that it was slow.

FLG said...

I've got the Platinum 25th Anniversary Edition, which is way faster than the original. There's still a slight lag when calculating things like IRR, but it's like a second or two rather then the 8-10 it could take on the original.

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