Friday, March 4, 2011

Topics FLG Hasn't Blogged About Before Day Whatever

FLG doesn't think he's ever mentioned beyond a few random comments that he likes cigars. He had his first cigar, real cigar, back in high school. FLG was at a friend's home before a prom. The friend's parents owned a successful import-export company. The father ushered us into his library, opened up a cabinet humidor, and pulled out a box of Cohiba Robustos. The ones from Cuba, not the Dominican Republic. Anyway, it was a fantastic cigar and Cohiba Robusto is still, to this day, FLG's favorite cigar hands down.

This left FLG with two problems over the following 10-15 years. First, premium cigars are kind of expensive. Second, the one cigar he knew he liked was illegal. So, FLG would smoke Cohibas when he was overseas, and would smoke cigars from time-to-time when a friend had them, hoping he'd find another one he liked.

This brings us to last summer. The FLGs went overseas. FLG smoked a Cohiba and decided that when he got back he'd buy a humidor and figure out what cigars he liked that he could buy in the States. He did, but it was towards the end of the summer and FLG only smokes outside. So, he didn't get many cigars in. Not that FLG smokes that many anyway. At most he wants to smoke one or two a week. Smoking a cigar outside is a big time commitment.

Since it's been, you know, winter here and everything and given that FLG smokes outside he didn't smoke a cigar for months. A couple of weeks ago, it was nice weather. FLG went out with a glass of red wine and a cigar. It was fantastic. Unfortunately, he went out last week when it was too cold, he got uncomfortable, rushed his cigar because he didn't just want to end it, and got sick. Dumbass.

Speaking of red wine though, FLG kinda sees cigars like that. Red wine or a cigar both have a wide range, they can either be fantastic or utterly unpalatable. Likewise, they both bring out unbelievable levels of pretentious faux sophistication. As part of his research to find cigars that he likes and are legal to buy, FLG began looking at cigar reviews and discovered that the interwebs is filled with video reviews of cigars. Almost all of them are dripping with the pretentious faux sophistication FLG just mentioned. FLG actually found that the old-timers have little patience with this stuff. FLG has seen a bunch of videos where they say almost the same thing "Cigars don't taste like pepper, leather, caramel, or cinnamon. They taste like cigars and they are either good or bad." Which FLG is a sentiment that FLG is very sympathetic. But on the other hand, cigars do offer a wide range of experiences and it can be useful to have some sort of explanation about what that experience is like.

Which leads FLG to Cigar Obsession. Good site. He describes the cigars without seeming pretentious. Explains that he has a certain type of taste he likes. All well and good. Until today. Today, he reviewed a Tom Tom GPS device. This type of stuff bugs FLG. Review cigars? Ok. Humidors? Fine. Humidification systems for humidors? No problem. Cigar cutters? FLG is with you. GPS devices? Uh, no. Might as well be reviewing corsets or fast food restaurants.

To be honest, FLG is going to overlook this minor sellout because he likes the reviews over at Cigar Obsession, but this is the thing; even though Fear and Loathing in Georgetown is either "the most influential blog you've never heard of" or "the least influential blog you've ever heard of" he must've got on a email list somehow because he gets press releases and propositions to pimp random products all the time. He ignores them. It's all too shady for him. Maybe if he were trying to make a go of blogging full-time, he'd change his mind. He cannot say for sure.

What FLG? You, the guy who swears worse than a sailor and has an object sex category, have some sort of blogging code of ethics? Yes, yes FLG does. This doesn't mean he thinks people who review products are evil or anything, but he is a bit suspect. But FLG, it seems like the Cigar Obsession guy gets most of his cigars sent to him for free to review, what's the difference? The difference is the relevance. Look, reviewers get free stuff and loaners to review. That's fine. We all can't be like Consumer Reports. If you are reviewing cigars, then accepting things related to cigars to review is fine with FLG. If your reviews begin to suffer or become tainted, then your reputation as a reviewer will dwindle. It's when bloggers shift into reviewing absolutely anything that comes their way that bugs FLG because he begins to question their judgment.


George Pal said...

Have you had the Dominican Cohiba for comparison? I never had the Cuban but enjoyed the Dominican.

My preference - I haven’t any strict brand allegiance - most any cigar with a Dominican filler, Sumatra binder, and Cameroon wrapper.

FLG said...

I've had both and the only similarity is the name.

I would like to say that I'm not some sort of cigar snob who thinks the only good cigars are Cuban cigars. I've had plenty of non-Cubans that are better than many Cubans. But it just so happens that Cuban Cohibas are phenomenal.

Anonymous said...

Why do you only smoke outside?

Mrs. P

FLG said...

Mrs. P:

I don't want to smell up the house.

Anonymous said...

Cigar smoke does not qualify as a *smell*. Unless a succulent joint of beef, roasting until rosy red in the oven is also considered a smell...

Mrs. P

The Maximum Leader said...

Oh Mrs P. That Mr P is a lucky one.

I am partial to Romeo & Julieta "Churchills" from Cuba. We had a family friend in Canada who used to bring them to me when I got a hankering. I used to smoke 2-3 good cigars a year. That number fell off to 0 about a year ago. Don't really know why as I have a bunch of good cigars in my humidor.

My fav generally available cigar is the Arturo Fuente "Double Chateau Fuente".

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