Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Some Idle Thoughts

Well, not so idle now that FLG is writing about them.

Lately, blogging has been relatively light because FLG has been busy. Blogging will probably continue to be light, not so much because FLG is busy, although he does have a bunch of stuff to do, but because he doesn't really feel like he has anything worth blogging about up there in the old noodle. In fact, FLG fears he's becoming a bit curmudgeonly and bitter of late. Not something he likes.

Speaking of which, FLG has seen an odd increase in readers. There's no simple explanation, some link, that's generated a bunch of traffic. That got FLG wondering how long it takes the average new reader to arrive at the conclusion that FLG is batshit nuts. Over-under is 90 seconds.


Anonymous said...

and those of us who stick around are the slow learners? dave.s.

FLG said...

I prefer comfortable with my particular brand of insanity.

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