Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Random Commuter Observation

FLG is turning the tables on Robbo and stealing one of his post titles.

On the way into work today, FLG saw a car, a BMW as a matter of fact, with a vanity plate that read ROSEBUD. He almost crashed the car because he was laughing so hard at the idea that it might as well have read Marion Davies’s clitoris.

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Andrew Stevens said...

Probably not, actually. Gore Vidal, who actually knew Marion Davies, is very cagey about his source, but definitely does not claim that it was either Davies herself or Mankiewicz, so we must conclude that he's merely repeating a rumor (which does predate Mr. Vidal's article by a long way). It is possible that the alcoholic Ms. Davies may have shared such information with Mr. Mankiewicz and he then used it in the script, but Mr. Mankiewicz himself never publicly said this. I think we have to classify it as an urban legend, possibly true, but probably not. We'll never know since Hearst, Davies, and Mankiewicz are all now dead.

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