Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Quote of the day

Stanley Fish:
What gives someone the high moral ground is that he or she is right, not that he or she is fair.

Amen, brother!

There's also this quote that may be interesting to Tim Kowal:
Of course, valuing process over substance is the essence of liberalism

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Tim Kowal said...

It's an interesting piece. I like this passage:

"Only pass laws to which persons of any viewpoint could assent: “No one can put anyone else under a legal obligation without submitting simultaneously to a law which requires that he can himself be put under the same kind of obligation by the other person.” This seems admirable, but what it means is that moral judgment is forever deferred and made subordinate to the supposedly greater good of allowing all viewpoints to flourish. (Why that is the greater good I have never been able to understand.)"

I think the way to understand this is to recognize the bifurcated lives we have to lead: In matters of law, we have to pretend at moral agnosticism. In other matters, we must strive to praise good and denounce evil. The triumph of secularism was to take the narrow realm of legalistic agnosticism and turn it into the rule.

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