Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Quote of the day

Ross Douthat:
Somehow it’s always easier to insist that the other side’s crazy posters and Hitler analogies and intimations of violence (or even banalities about “saving the Constitution” and “taking back” the country) are evidence of crazy insurrectionist eliminationist madness that threatens to drown the republic in blood, whereas your own side’s excesses are just, well, excesses — the work of a few bad apples, no big deal, nothing to get excited about, and probably blown out of proportion anyway. Somehow there’s always a reason why your side’s counter-majoritarian maneuvering is the very essence of democracy, whereas when the other side does it it’s a sign that American government is hopelessly broken. And so the Manichean beat goes on.

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The Ancient said...

If you want to compare with Democratic Underground with -- I'm not sure, maybe the commentators at AoS or FreeRepublic, maybe someplace else I know nothing about -- you can find equivalent levels of rancor and derangement. It's a big country, and there are tens of millions of fruitcakes.

What's different now, and since Bush 43 was elected, is that the higher ups on the Democratic side sound in private much like the people who post on the DU*. They follow the same tropes, repeat the same accusations, shade facts in very similar ways. On the Republican side, it's significantly different. (I'm not saying "better.") They're more restrained, more overtly "public", even in private.**

(Pox, houses, etc.)
*John Kerry spent the better part of two years telling anyone who would listen that crooked voting machines in Ohio stole the election.

**Maybe that's why the rabble on the right is in a state of permanent insurrection against their own leadership.

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