Friday, March 11, 2011

Question FLG's Asked Himself Many Times

For those of you who don't live in the DC area, there's a mall called Georgetown Park Mall that's unsurprisingly located in Georgetown. It's got a pretty prime location, running an entire block from Wisconsin and M street, arguably the heart of Georgetown.

Now, the stores that open directly to M street are busy, but the interior of the mall is almost always deserted. Even during Christmas it's pretty dead. Consequently, FLG always asks himself "How the heck do the stores not directly on M Street stay in business?"

So, FLG thinks that putting in a Target or SoHo actually does make sense.

Another interesting note...well, interesting to FLG at least. Is that the ownership of the property is in dispute between Herbert S. Miller and Anthony Lanier. Why is that interesting? Because FLG has a long-standing, personal beef with Herb Miller, such that FLG shakes his fist angrily every time he passes Miller's Georgetown house. But it's not enough to make FLG's list of nemeses or anything.


Anonymous said...

It's a strange brew.

HM is all about making money for himself, regardless of what happens to the neighborhood, and yet he never seems able to keep all that much of the money, because he makes poor choices along the line. AL, by contrast, seems to have some decent sense of how G'twn could be revived and made better -- perhaps because he's boatloads smarter than HM and is not so completely dependent on his own money to make things happen.

In a better world, GP would be demolished. That's not going to happen anytime soon. (Within the next seventy-five years.) Maybe the best case scenario is to improve what's on the street, cheapen the parking fees, and put those dreadful trolls from GU -- your kindred -- on the lower floors, where they can't blight the adjoining neighborhoods. (Perhaps the ANC and the CAG would pay for Charlie Sheen's appearance fees just to keep the consequent blight on the lower three floors of the parking garage.)

P.S. I have a sneaking suspcision that you may be shaking your fist at one of HM's previous residences.

FLG said...

By long-standing, I mean decades. So, I've shook my fist angrily at several homes.

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