Friday, March 4, 2011

MBA Writing Skills

As FLG mentioned not to long ago, or maybe he didn't but thought he did, employers are complaining about the writing skills of MBAs.

FLG doesn't doubt that MBAs are terrible writers. Written business communication is consistently awful. Exacerbating the problems is that top MBA schools select largely based upon quantitative skills.

Given that he has a blog, FLG writes more than most people. Moreover, the craft of writing is important and interesting to him. So, he doesn't expect people to pay as much attention to the written word as he does, but jeez. His MBA classmates are pretty bad. Oddly though, the military people are all pretty good considering how bad the Death by Powerpoint problem is in DoD.

I contend that students don’t need more writing courses, they need writing skills to have a more prominent role in the qualitative courses that they already take.

FLG actually laughed out loud when he read that. Last semester, FLG called his professor asking about his grade. It wasn't bad; he just wanted to know what the top students did differently from FLG.

"More analysis," came the answer.

"More analysis? To be entirely honest, I didn't think I had that much descriptive filler."

"By analysis, for example, I mean more charts and graphs."

"Huh? to be're saying that my grade would've been better if, instead of explaining in words, I'd included more pictures?"


Withywindle said...

Ok, I can't resist ... "differently from FLG," kemo sabe.

FLG said...

I really should proofread when writing posts about writing.

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