Saturday, March 12, 2011

FLG Knows, FLG Knows

...sure, everybody makes mistakes, but it's only news when Sarah Palin and Michelle Bachmann say astonishingly stupid shit because they're conservatives.

It's not because they're a little soft in the facts and information department. Never. Not them. It's a liberal media/misogyny/lizard aliens conspiracy.

Oh, and FLG knows, Joe Biden is a dumbshit too. He most certainly is, but two dumbshits, or in this case three, don't make a genius.


LibertyAtStake said...

Rather have a dumb shit with good instincts than a dumb shit with the wrong instincts.


"Because the Only Good Progressive is a Failed Progressive"

Withywindle said...

This is my cue for generalized despair re our education system. And then a specific query: I wonder if students from the East Coast, where the Revolution actually took place, still have a firmer grasp of Revolutionary geography? I could see this being a Minnesota (Midwestern/Western) thing--little Michelle, ca. 1965, fuzzing a little on Massachusetts vs. New Hampshire because they're both a long way from Minnesota, ya know?

arethusa said...

Remember when Sarah Palin got the date of the Boston Tea Party (1773) right, and the left didn't? Note how careful the author of the link is to show that s/he knows the date of the BTP, in a completely extraneous clause.

Anonymous said...

If we're going to grade mistakes, the holding the tea bag was bigger one --politically.

72% of the people identify with the Tea Party ideas -but that doesn't necessarily translate to wanting them -even a good portion of the GOP to identify as a Tea Partier. Though if O keeps ignoring the will of the people it may happen.

However, on a scale of which mistake will affect an individual's life more, Michelle Bachman not knowing the difference between Concord, NH and Concord, MA, holding a tea bag at a GOP meeting, or Nancy Pelosi believing and acting upon that belief -the fastest and most effective way to stimulate the economy is with unemployment checks - Nancy wins hands down.

Then there is everything O has said in regards to green technology and oil.

So, placing her dumb shit in more of a proper context -aren't you glad the Republicans have enough intelligence to not elect Bachman Speaker of the House? Or President?

And the first commenter is right - Bachman's instincts are right -for the most part- - though if she stumbles this easily she's probably not a big game player. But that's ok - that's what primaries are for.

Mrs. P

The Ancient said...

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