Tuesday, March 29, 2011

DC Statehood

FLG would like to take the opportunity presented by this NYTimes Op-Ed to reiterate his own plan for the District of Columbia.


Anonymous said...

And I have the same comment I had last time you suggested this wild anti-Baltimorean scheme:

Anonymous said...
Why give it to Maryland? Virginia is the jurisdiction which has made retrocession work! Make the District part of VA. Advantages: makes VA a relatively balanced state Reep-Dem, so they have to fight it out. Should be entertaining for years to come. No additional senators from craptastic little jurisdictions (if it's not fair for the million Montanans to have 2 Senators, why is it fair for the 1/2 million Districtonians to have 2?!). And Montgomery doesn't get an ally in subjugating Baltimore. What's not to like? dave.s.

Withywindle said...

Nobody wanted to make a poor, corrupt, black fiefdom into its own state. Maryland didn't want it either because it was poor, corrupt, and black. But! In twenty years DC will be majority white, Maryland will be glad to take it, and the issue will come to An End.

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