Wednesday, March 30, 2011


FLG received an email that made a few points, which he will summarize as:
  1. It's weird for somebody who likes Sinatra and opera to like hip-hop. (Is it really?)
  2. FLG only likes East Coast hip-hop.  (not strictly true.)
  3. FLG is a poser who doesn't know anything about hip-hop. (Not sure how to respond to this one.)
FLG will just ignore the first point.  He likes Sinatra, opera, and hip-hop.  If that's weird, then it's weird.  No problem for FLG.

FLG argued a while back that The Chronic had the most mainstream impact of any hip-hop album ever. He still loves that album.  So, FLG doesn't only like East Coast.  However, he prefers East Coast hip-hop.  Generally speaking, FLG thinks that most of the regional hip-hop scenes, besides East Coast, are mostly about delivery and not lyrics.  For example, Snoop's lyrics are almost incidental to his slow, lazy delivery.  Don't get him wrong, FLG loves Snoop.  But the lyrical content and word play aren't the primary focus.  Same thing holds for Southern and Midwestern hip-hop.

But if you look to East Coast rap, especially since the mid-90s, it's been very much lyrically focused, which FLG likes.  Perhaps it's because of all the fucking disputes, most notably between Nas and Jay-Z, but nevertheless, FLG likes that.

As to the third point, poser seems to indicate that to like hip-hop requires that FLG take it on as some sort of overriding identity.  That he must engross himself in all things hip-hop and embrace the lifestyle or culture or some shit.  Fuck that noise.  If FLG likes a song, then he likes a song.  End of story.  Chill out.


william randolph brafford said...

"Same thing holds for Southern and Midwestern hip-hop."

Big Boi excepted, I hope.

FLG said...

Big Boi, but not Andre 3000.

And if we consider Eminem as part of Midwestern hip-hop as well, which being from Detroit makes sense, then he's excepted too.

Sarah said...

As someone with an insanely eclectic taste in music, I commend you.

Flavia said...

I like Sinatra, opera, and hip-hop.

But perhaps this blog has a self-selecting readership.

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