Wednesday, March 30, 2011

A Conversation

FLG's Coworker:  The big man is pissed.  I think I might get canned.

FLG:  Why?  What happened?

Coworker:  Not sure.  Got called into his office and he tore me a new one.  For the stupidest of reasons on top of it.  I've never seen him so worked up.

FLG:  I think he's having trouble on the homefront.   Same thing happened to me the other day.  What'd you say to him?

Coworker:  Nothing.  Mostly just took it. 

FLG:  Oh, I wouldn't be worried about getting fired then.

Coworker:  Really? What'd you say?

FLG:  Let me put it this way, after he launched into me the nicest sentence  I uttered questioned his mother's honor.

Coworker:  Is that the ruckus I heard when you were in there? What happened?

FLG:  When he's being unreasonable, or most bosses for that matter, the best strategy is to escalate the confrontation as soon and as fast as possible.

Coworker:  Wow, that's risky.  You risk of getting fired immediately.

FLG:  I'm not so sure about that.  Look at it this way.  The boss is being unreasonable to begin with.  If you escalate on top of their every escalation, then pretty quick you both are at a point where they  have to either back down or fire you.

Coworker:  Exactly...he can fire you for insubordination.

FLG:  Wait.  He can't.  Insubordination is the intentional refusal to obey a lawful order.  I didn't refuse to do anything.  So, that's out.  Moreover, he'd have to get that passed HR.  He can't tell them he was berating me.   At least, it would be tricky.  There's potential harassment counter-charges.

Coworker:  A dangerous game.

FLG:  But an efficient and effective one.  In any case, if either of us are holding Aces and Eights, then it's me.

Big Man walks up.  

Big Man:  Hey, FLG.  How's it goin' today?

FLG:  Fine.

Big Man:  Could you please take a look at that contract that just came in?

FLG:  Sure.

Big Man: Thanks.

Big Man walks away.

FLG:  Efficient and effective.

Coworker:  Aces and eights?

FLG: Google it.
PS.  Anybody hiring?


Anonymous said...

You really think they have to go through HR to fire someone?

Mrs. P

FLG said...

Where I work they do.

They lost a few courtcases, so they're very defensive.

Anonymous said...

Lots of places lose court cases.

Mrs. P

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