Wednesday, March 30, 2011

A Conversation

Miss FLG is sitting in her high chair eating dinner.

Miss FLG:  What's that daddy?

FLG: That's a painting of New Orleans.

Miss FLG:  I go there?

FLG:  Actually, your mother and I were talking about bringing you to Jazzfest this year, but it's not going to workout.  Maybe next year.

Miss FLG: I go there?

FLG:  Yes, one day.  We'll go to Jazzfest and listen to music.

Miss FLG:  I dance.

FLG:  And there's great food.

Miss FLG:  I eat.

Mrs. FLG from the next room:  What about Show your tits?! 

FLG:  Oh, be quiet!

Miss FLG:  I ready to go.

She kicks her feet up.

Miss FLG: I need my shoes.


dance said...

belated: Mrs FLG sounds awesome.

FLG said...

Oh, she is awesome.

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