Saturday, February 12, 2011

Whoa There, Nelly!

From an Op-Ed in the NYTimes:
it’s easy for spanking, slapping and swatting to escalate — sometimes even to the point of deadly violence.

Hyperbole much?

If 7 out of 10 people think children sometimes need a "good, hard spanking" and we've got one wacked out mother who killed her children, then drawing any line from spanking to killing is FUCKING INSANE.

Now, the author of that Op-Ed is a wussy Northern Californian lady who "passionately oppose[s] corporal punishment," but then hypocritically hit her kid. She probably feels terribly guilt ridden in the way that only sanctimonious Northern Californians can. But holy fuck, shifting from that to killing, is just ridiculous.


Anonymous said...

People in Tacoma Park can be just as sanctimonious as Northern Californians. Also Cambridge-Brookline-Boston. Trust me on this. dave.s.

arethusa said...

But this is the new logic, FLG. E.g., the Tucson shootings were caused by right-wing rhetoric, when the shooter was apolitical as far as anyone can tell, and, oh, yeah, INSANE.

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