Saturday, February 26, 2011

Testing FLG's Theory

Emily Hale went to an event at the Indian place across the street from Georgetown Cupcake with Ian Shapiro. Emily describes his political philosophy thusly:
He advocated what he calls adaptive political theory: he maintains that what is distinctive about humans is our ability to think about our circumstances and imagine alternatives to them (although we always do this imperfectly). Political theory, according to Shapiro, emerges out of our reactive condition and out of the fact that we know much more about what is unacceptable than what is acceptable. He advocates a political theory based on non-domination (he defines domination as a lack of freedom as a result of human action that is able to be changed). He maintains that building a political theory based on non-domination is superior to building a political theory based on some ideal like liberty or equality.

Screams of short time horizons to FLG, but he doesn't know anything about Shapiro's politics. So, this seems like a good test of FLG's theory. FLG's theory indicates that Shapiro should be on the Left. Is he?

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Withywindle said...

No, no ... he's on the left because "non-domination" is wussy.

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