Thursday, February 17, 2011


Emily Hale writes:
Martin's is the Georgetown restaurant probably best known as the place where JFK proposed to Jackie.

FLG first thought to himself -- it's Billy Martin's Tavern. Maybe Emily is just confused on this point. But she included a logo with her post, and it only says Martin's. The website? Again, it just says Martin's.

Well, FLG declares shenanigans! He will be marching on "Martin's," broom in hand.


Anonymous said...

JFK proposed to Jackie at the Parker House in Boston. (He kept an apartment a couple blocks away next door to the State House.)

He did go to Martin's, often by himself, but the women he brought there were seldom if ever his wife.

(Not all the scams in this world originate in Nigeria.)

FLG said...

Parker House, eh? Didn't Ho Chi Minh and Malcom X work supposedly both work there?

Maybe that place has it's own scams.

Anonymous said...

And it's in several biographies.

Beyond that, 40 years ago, when the previous owner was still alive, what's now called "the proposal booth" was known as "the Nixon booth." The Kennedy booths were said to be the two closer to the entrance, and no proposal claim was ever made.

(And if you don't believe me, ask Ben Bradlee.)

FLG said...

Well, there's goes my lunch hour. Now, I have to traipse over to Laird-Dunlop House and ask Ben.

Do you think I could get him to come out if I held a boom box over my head and played "In Your Eyes?"

arethusa said...

I always heard that JFK proposed to Jackie over the phone when he was on the campaign trail for Senate.

Apparently there's some dispute.

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