Friday, February 25, 2011

Just Weird

Amber linked to this article, which FLG admits has some good points including the line that Amber posted, but is just weird when it comes to how guys think. Seriously, what the fuck kind of crazy shit is this:
Non-normative guys who still secretly consider themselves the most macho guy in their friend group get totally freaked out when confronted by real actual bros, because it forces them to face the ultimate self-truth that they actually hate bros and they actually do respect women. They're just still embarrassed that they're indoor kids who are not good at sports, because athleticism is to men what beauty is to women.

And this shit:
What If I Complain And Get Laughed At And Dismissed? Well this might happen 99% of the time, because that is how men are socialized to react to being uncomfortable.

What's funny about that to FLG is that the author later on says this:
Do not mistake your personal lived experiences for universal truths or cite them as if they were such.

Tu quoque was pretty much what came to mind there.

Look, FLG isn't going to say that there aren't still boys clubs. He's not going to say that there isn't privilege. But it's generally become less accepted and bias and exclusion are often more subtle.

The author uses stills from Mad Men throughout the piece. Again, look, there are still implicit hierarchies and privilege, but the tone of the piece is almost as if this were still 1964. It's clearly not.

The most ridiculous part, as far as FLG is concerned, is this:
Most cool girls are totally fucked up because they are used to guys telling them they are "cool" or "funny" or "smart" and they assume it's a euphemism for "not hot" because they already feel like dudes with boobs. But that's okay because a hundred percent of cool guys are fucked up too and secretly feel like girls with dicks. Straight men are sooooooooo pink inside. They just can't tell you or anyone, because they have been socialized expressly not to. But I just told you you, and now everybody knows.

WHAT THE FUCK IS SHE TALKING ABOUT? Is this some sort of crazy hipster shit that FLG isn't in on? To be cool you have to think you're a guy with boobs or a girl with a dick? Huh? Maybe FLG just defines cool in entirely different ways. Because in FLG's world cool people aren't totally fucked up and insecure. They embrace who they are and say fuck the world's expectations.


Andrew Stevens said...

I think she would respond that the people you think are cool aren't actually cool. I.e. she believes that only fucked-up, insecure people are cool. I'm reasonably sure that's what she's saying anyway.

FLG said...

Well, then I guess we're defining cool in totally different ways.

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