Friday, February 25, 2011

It's Amazing How Awesome A Blogger FLG Is

Remember when FLG said Felix Salmon's analysis in the fall of IPOs was all off? Of course you do.

Remember when FLG said that he invests globally? Of course you do.

Well, here's Felix today:
Even as the US is moving from public to private, or at the very least from many public companies to fewer public companies, the rest of the world is still moving fast in the opposite direction.

Looking at this chart, it seems to me that anybody with the bulk of their equity holdings in US companies is clearly missing out on something important.

FLG still thinks Felix's idea about the US' shift from public to private is vastly overstated. With interest rates damn near zero, the cost of funds just doesn't make sense for IPOs. It'll be reversed. But to be honest, this seems to indicate that SOX really might be inhibiting US IPOs.

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