Monday, February 28, 2011

A Conversation

FLG is in a meeting.

FLG's Boss: I hate so say this, but I've no explanation -- the other team totally sabotaged us. Anybody have any ideas how we can kick the consequences back over to them?

FLG tries to stifle a chuckle.

FLG's Boss: Did you an idea?

FLG: No, nothing.

FLG's Boss: Out with it.

FLG: I couldn't help but think of Sabotage and Root Down.

FLG Boss: Pardon me?

FLG: How we gonna kick? Gonna kick it root down.

FLG's Boss: Are you joking?

FLG: Oh, definitely not. I never joke about the Beasties.

FLG's Boss: Tell me. Why do I keep you around?

FLG: Sure, because I know how to kick back. Here's my idea...

whisper whisper.

FLG Boss: Alright. I guess you're right. Would've been much easier if you'd just send that from the beginning instead of snickering.

FLG: Chuckled.

FLG's Boss: What?

FLG: I didn't snicker. I chuckled.

FLG's Boss: Oh, Sweet Jesus.

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