Monday, February 14, 2011

A Conversation

FLG: Hey, I accidentally pressed the Mountain Dew button on the soda machine. You want it?

Coworker: Sure. You don't Do The Dew?

FLG: Nope.

Coworker: Because it shrinks your testicles?

FLG: I thought that was supposed to be Mello Yello? I still drink it sometimes, but get concerned because it has gum arabic in it.

Coworker: What's bad about gum arabic?

FLG: Don't know. Maybe nothing. But when you are doing offset lithography you coat the printing plates in the stuff.

Coworker: Where'd you hear that?

FLG: Hear it? I did it.

Coworker: When did you print stuff?

FLG: I printed like a motherfucker. You don't even know.

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