Saturday, January 15, 2011

Too Saucy For The Blogroll

FLG laughed at this:
Also, not for inclusion in our blogroll, but you should all go and check out Fear and Loathing in Georgetown, as well as The Other McCain. Why? Because they're good people, have good blogs, and, most importantly, because I said so. So do it! DO IT NOW!

What's the problem, Tim? Too much swearing? Pirates? Object sex? Speaking of which, FLG always gets along famously with Australians and this reminded him of a funny story.

There was this Australian foreign exchange student that FLG knew. Some of the guy's friends from Australia had flown in for a few days and they were at a party.

FLG: Jesus, you guys can certainly drink a lot. I thought us Irish were bad.

Exchange student: Hey, FLG here thinks we drink more than the Irish.

Exchange student's friend: Of course we do, mate. We could die at any minute. In Australia, everything is poisonous -- spiders, snakes. Then there's the crocs. I had a friend, got bit on the ass by a poisonous spider while on the toilet.

FLG: That's terrible.

Exchange student's friend: Oh, not so terrible really. He didn't get a full dose of the venom. Just paralyzed his lower body for an hour or so. We only found him because he was screaming.

FLG: From the horrible pain?

Exchange student's friend: No, he couldn't feel a thing. His beer was empty.

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Anonymous said...

Quite the contrary!
Indeed, to warrant inclusion on a blogroll of an Australian site about Australian politics you'd need to up your quota of pirates and swearing by _at least_ 50%!

Your assessment of Australians, their character, and alcohol, however, is entirely correct.

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