Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Reality TV

FLG thinks he's mentioned before that the show that started the whole reality TV phenomenon is still the best. Perhaps some of you think that he's referring to The Real World. No, no, no. Modern reality television, at least here in the US, traces its roots back to COPS.

COPS is one of the only shows that no matter what mood FLG is in, no matter if he's seen the episode before he'll sit down and watch it. He never tires of shoeless, shirtless, toothless, drunk spinnin' tall tales about how some random guy threw the loaded, stolen gun in the rear driver's side window and then ran away.

Well, somebody realized that you could get most of the genius of COPS without sending a film crew out to jump over fences by simply setting up shop in a Las Vegas jail. One the FLGs watched had a guy in the drunk tank who was so shit faced he fell off the bench and a lady who was pissed the cops touched her weave. Then there's the chair they strap the jackass into. Plus, you get crazy shit like people trying to have sex in the jail bathroom.

COPS is still the best, but Las Vegas Jailhouse is fantastic.

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Robbo said...

Agreed about COPS. Mrs. R thinks I'm completely nuts.

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