Saturday, January 29, 2011

Quote of the day

But more than any first lady since Jacqueline Kennedy, she also captures our attention with her fashion.

FLG feels like he's been in some sort of fashion commentary nightmare ever since the Obamas moved into 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. Can't we all just admit her fashion sense is terrible and move on? No need to dwell on it, but let's not lie about it either.


S. Petersen said...

There was every reason in the world to suppose that, with BO, fate would deliver a First Lady with the charm and inner beauty of H. Clinton or N. Pelosi. Michele O. has been the one blessing in the general punishment of the BO administration. She's generally quiet and dresses modestly and only makes a fool of herself when forced into it by her office. You're right, let's not talk about it, but, let's also know how lucky we are in her.

arethusa said...

Exhibit A to prove your point, FLG.

Anonymous said...

Dolly Parton once said "It takes a lot of money to look this cheap."

Change that to "It takes a lot of money to look that bad." and you've got the First Lady in nutshell.

The problem with the First Lady is not one of fashion sense but judgment as her clothes (and shoes) rarely fit her properly and almost always lack a slip like the other night at the SOTU. Then there was the red dress she wore to the last State dinner which she for some reason chose to pull the shoulder down. The dress was not cut to be worn the way she wore it as the world could see one she turned around. In the 2010 campaign - one day she wore a sweater backwards and the a few days later she wore it the was it was designed to be worn. This is behavior more expected in a one of the daughters in Little Woman or a young Scarlet O'Hara than a Ivy League-educated, mother of 2, First Lady whose admirers say is practicing the art of Fashion diplomacy -brilliantly. Has never but a step wrong they claim. Really?

Michelle Obama is making a big mistake as a First Lady. The quality of life the inner city African American children in our country enjoy is Third World. She *has* the power to do something. And her admirers can say she is - she's giving kids their veggies. Great. Putting veggies in schools that have 50+% drop out rates is a program only progressives can love because it ignores all the social ills funded for the last 50 years by progressive social programs.

So anyone can easily see why the admirers of the Obamas focus on what the First Lady is doing for the fashion world. Because what Michelle Obama isn't doing is far more ugly than any ensemble she could cobble together.

Here are some more legs for your time horizons thingummy :

Mrs. P

Anonymous said...

Here's an excellent candidate for quote of the day today:

A Home Office spokesman said: "We should not jump to form conclusions about national patterns of offending without further analysis."

From this story in the Telegraph:

Lord Ahmed said young Asian men want "fun" in their sex lives and do not have anything in common with their overseas' brides, who can often be cousins.
He said it was time for the Muslim community to "wake up" to the problem and look to promote UK-based marriages instead.
His comments come amid growing concern over the role of Asian men in the grooming of young girls.
Jack Straw, the former Home Secretary, provoked controversy when he said that white girls were seen as "easy meat" by some Pakistani men...

Mrs. P

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