Saturday, January 22, 2011

The Other Last Refuge Of Scoundrels

Apparently, Keith Olbermann abruptly quit his show, which FLG must admit does disappoint him. FLG find Olbermann hilarious. But then FLG read this:
NBC’s management had been close to firing Mr. Olbermann on previous occasions, most recently in November after he revealed that he had made donations to several Democratic candidates in 2010...The top MSNBC executive, Phil Griffin, said the donations had violated NBC News standards and ordered Mr. Olbermann suspended. His fans responded with a petition to reinstate him that attracted over 250,000 signatures. Mr. Olbermann returned two days later. In his response he said the rules on donations had been “inconsistently applied.”

What does "inconsistently applied" mean in this context? Not that Olbermann didn't break the rules, but other people did it too. Fuck patriotism. That defense is the last refuge of scoundrels.

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