Tuesday, January 11, 2011


This op-ed is simply frightening to FLG. Well, not the op-ed, but that somebody would think that way. It is almost the perfect example of the road to Hell being paved with the good intentions.

BTW, it also exemplifies the assumption by people on the left that FLG finds so frustrating, namely that individuals are incapable or too stupid to manage their own lives.


Anonymous said...

The larger creepy point (for me, anyway) is the underlying idea that life is given meaning by the political. That's a pretty good working definition of totalitarianism, because if it becomes the job of the State to give your life meaning, what part of your life is free from its intrusion?

The Ancient said...

I love this part:

What place can there be for people if what matters most is profit? What hope is there for compassion in a world of endless competition? When the rewards of those at the top crush every hope beneath them, and the ruthless logic of the market tramples all over our planet, how can we hope to find any meaningful sense of control and therefore freedom in our lives?

The Ancient said...

P.S. OTOH, for sheer moonbattery, this is much, much better.

(There's a great moment in Zhivago, when Yuri returns to the Gromekos' house in Moscow at the end of the War, only to find them huddled in a single room, helpless as the dictatorship of the proletariat vandalizes the place and steals their possessions. A resident commissar dares Zhivago to deny that this new arrangement is "more just.")

George Pal said...

1. Name dropping Aristotle in the middle of a turd dump never makes it smell better.

2. The Guardian needs better drug screening of their employees.

3. There is no shortage of idiots, useful or otherwise.

4. The urge to “transform” a country may be catching – a plague be upon us?

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