Sunday, January 9, 2011

Follow Up

Dance writes:
I'm not familiar with what LaRouche's says, so:

quoting some places where LaRouche has advocated political violence, metaphorically or explicitly, would make your post a stronger rebuttal.

He's a paranoid nutcase cult leader with views from the Far Left and Far Right.

Here's an old article about LaRouche that contains the following passages:
Members went on a "war footing," another ex-member said, with many quitting their jobs and essentially cutting off relations with nonmembers.

Some LaRouche associates were trained in the use of guns, knives and other weapons at a "counterterrorism" school in Powder Springs, Ga., according to former members and other sources. The school was operated by Mitchell WerBell III, a former guerrilla operative for the Office of Strategic Services (OSS) and an international arms dealer with whom LaRouche grew close.

I'm not saying this shooter was trained by LaRouche, but his rhetoric is filled with seriously paranoid stuff.


Anonymous said...

Did you see this? I'm no civil liberties expert but it seems if anyone has culpability in this - it is the school and his family -- in contrast think of how the panty bomber's father alerted authorities his concerns over his son's problems:

Mrs. P

arethusa said...

And per your initial post on the subject, he did indeed worry about "New World Order" stuff. About 60% of the way down.

Anonymous said...

This morning on Imus - former Sen. Bob Kerry said the shooter was "angry" about the repeal of health care by the Republicans. So, using former Sen B. Kerry's logic - the shooter was "angry" about the repeal of health care so he went out and shot someone who voted FOR Obamcare.

I don't know who is more delusional - the shooter or Bob Kerry.

Mrs. P

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