Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Dear Mrs. FLG:

We should look into this.



Anonymous said...

Scary monsters! Looks good.

Andrew Stevens said...

You know, the Met is putting on a new production of Der Ring das Nibelungen this season and next. They debuted Das Rheingold in October and will be staging Die Walkure in May. If you're looking for operas to go to, that is.

FLG said...

Miss FLG won't sit through Wagner.

Andrew Stevens said...

What kind of child are you raising?

FLG said...

One that likes opera.

Andrew Stevens said...

Opera schmopera. There's Wagner, Mozart, and Gilbert and Sullivan. The rest are just bad dramas about prostitutes dying of consumption with the occasional pretty song.

(By the way, typo in my original comment - that should of course be "des Nibelungen." Pretend there's an umlaut over the u in Walkure as well.)

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