Sunday, January 9, 2011


Dance writes:
Political fellowship with LaRouche doesn't exclude the possibility that the overheated rhetoric of violence by mainstream politicians shaped Loughner's method and targets.

And then provided a link to this article:
To call Jared Lee Loughner a Tea Partier is not a credible claim. But the culture of political intimidation that surrounds Democratic politicians is reinforced by more than a few Tea Party-identified leaders. It is not enough for leading Republicans such as House Speaker John Boehner and John McCain, the senior Arizona senator and former presidential candidate, to denounce the attack on Giffords, Roll, and 17 other Arizona citizens, six of whom died, including a little girl. They must call on media figures like Beck, political leaders such as Palin, and figures such as Pratt and Broun, to end the gruesome rhetoric. After all, words do have consequences.

The New York Times today also has an article that implicitly implicates the Tea Party, but does maintain the facade of objectivity.

Look, FLG has long held that the Obama is a Socialist/Communist meme on the Right is gross hyperbole that makes Glenn Beck, Mark Levin, etc sound idiotic. But the worst stuff that has been pinned on the Tea Party (Obama with the Hitler mustache, for example) came from LaRouchies. Yet, the media didn't bother to look deeper into it. Then, there's this shooter, who again as far as FLG can tell, sounds like a LaRouche acolyte.

FLG isn't going to defend the overheated rhetoric. However, the media would be doing everybody a huge favor if it didn't use this opportunity to raise questions about the Tea Party and violence, for the gazillionth time, and actually look at who influenced this guy. It's not the Tea Party, but LaRouche. Let's put the focus on how fucked up and evil he and his organization are. Not the Tea Party.

It's really sad that as of right now if you do a search for Arizona shooter and LaRouche, Fear and Loathing in Georgetown is at the top. Is FLG smarter than everybody else in the media? He figured it out after about 5 minutes.


dance said...

I'm not familiar with what LaRouche's says, so:

quoting some places where LaRouche has advocated political violence, metaphorically or explicitly, would make your post a stronger rebuttal.

(I'm not entirely sure if you intended a rebuttal, though)

Anonymous said...

"It's really sad that as of right now if you do a search for Arizona shooter and LaRouche, Fear and Loathing in Georgetown is at the top."

I bow to your excellence.

Mrs. P

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