Monday, January 3, 2011

Christmas Present Report

Mrs. FLG was nice enough to get FLG a Kindle for Christmas. FLG would've never bought one on his own.

Despite being pretty proficient with technology, he's actually very reluctant to use it. He almost never turns on his cell phone, for instance, and he only got one a couple of years ago at Mrs. FLG's insistence. He went for a good eight years or so without one of those damn things.

Anyway, FLG's entire opinion of the thing changed as soon as he opened the box. What looked like one of those clear plastic overlays telling you how to start the device was, in actuality, the display of the device itself. The eInk is so damn clear it's amazing.

Since FLG reads a lot of stuff that's public domain, he was able to download all sorts of stuff he's been meaning to read for the grand total of zero dollars and zero cents, which is pretty cool. He did pay for one book though -- The Gathering Storm, Book 12 in The Wheel of Time series. He usually waits until the paperback is out, which it may even be by now, but since he had the Kindle he figured he'd just download it.

You're probably thinking to yourself, self, the 12th book in a fantasy series doesn't seem like the type of book FLG would read. And you'd mostly be correct. FLG got himself caught up in the books at the recommendation of two coworkers something like ten years ago and is fucking committed at this point. 9,000 pages committed. Well, until he read The Gathering Storm during the vacation, that tacks on like another 1,000. So, now he's 10,000 or so pages in.

Well, FLG knew the 13th book had just come out, so he figured, having completed the previous and the price of a Kindle book being so much less than a hardcover, that he'd read that one next. Guess what? No dice. Towers of Midnight is only available in hardcover. Enraged, FLG started googling only to find that the fucking ebook won't be released until Oct 2011 or some shit. FLG is all sort of bent out of shape, and will seethe with resentment until that day, when he will promptly buy the damn thing for his Kindle.

It's almost enough to make him want to just find the damn torrent of the stupid book. Damn bastards tempting me with illegality, which will get them nothing.

The Kindle is superfuckingawesome though.

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