Saturday, January 8, 2011

Arizona Shooting

FLG hasn't been paying a lot of attention to the story today. He was busy, but he is trying to catch up.

Anyway, FLG read over at A&J that the guy apparently has Meno on his favorite book list. That means he was probably a LaRouchie. LaRouche makes a big point about how to double the square, which is in Meno.

It's just one of those philosophy things that first semester freshman find so profound, and so LaRouche uses it.

If it turns out that the guy is also worried about new world orders, currencies, etc, then blame Lyndon LaRouche.


Anonymous said...

I've only known one true LaRouchie. He was a dad at our old school in Grosse Pointe -a Catholic school. He was an atheist, his wife looked like a witch but I never took the time to determine if she was. They lived in Detroit because they were down for the struggle -he had gone to an engineering school/college up North for smart guys and he worked with a plant but can't tell you in what capacity -but -- according to the Dad -- the public schools were more corrupt than the Catholic Church. Imagine that? Anyway, at school pickup, he'd often just be sitting on a bench spouting off on what the government had done that day. No one was listening to him but he'd shake his head, laugh cynically and the net effect of all of his behavior was -weird.

Oh and one of his daughters was under the misapprehension she was a butterfly.

Mrs. P

Howie G said...

I think Plato and the Meno are legitimate items for a study of Western Civilization, not just part of the Lyndon LaRouche curriculum. Perhaps then all of current Western Civilization is responsible for this horrible Arizona shooting. Or as Mick Jagger sang:

I shouted out who killed the Kennedys;
When after all, it was you and me.

Anonymous said...

I think it was the gun's fault.

Mrs. P

The Ancient said...

Mrs P --

You make your LaRouchie sound like someone from the Ministry of Magic's Muggle Affairs Bureau.

P.S. This morning Fox had an interview with one of the men who tackled the shooter. While he was reloading his Glock, someone came up behind him and hit him with a folded metal chair. He dropped the gun, and two other men, including the interviewee, grabbed his arms and put him on the ground. Imagine what might have happened if he'd managed to load another extended clip.

Anonymous said...

Ancient, he was one of those dads who made you wish Catholic schools still had ruler-toting nuns.

As for reloading - unimaginable.

Mrs. P

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