Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Quote of the day

In the minority, Pelosi will be freed from the ceremonial duties of being speaker and crafting a governing agenda.

Oh, yes. Of course. Being Speaker of the United States House of Representatives is such a drag. Those tired, poor, huddled speakers must constantly yearn to breathe free. Now, unburdened by ceremony and having to, you know, govern FLG is sure she will be much, much happier. Well, if she's not, at least FLG knows he will be.

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Anonymous said...

Per from the article:

"Lawmakers say she is consulting marketing experts about building a stronger brand. The most prominent of her new whisperers is Steven Spielberg, the Hollywood director whose films have been works of branding genius. Lawmakers said Spielberg has not reported to Pelosi with a recommendation."

Back in my Boston ad days, a good friend who was a Traffic Girl* walked into my office with a giant box of imported chocolates, asking me if I would like one?

"Who sent you this?"

"Stephen Spielberg."

"WHAT??? You're joking?

No. And then she told me the whole sorted mess. Our creative director got a plum assignment - as in opportunity for winning awards- to advertise some PBS special on some Harvard brainiac scientist of outer space. The ad would only run once, nationally - in TV Guide as the show was a one time thingummy.

So the CD and his writer decided to do a total rip-off of ET's movie poster because this brainiac was like ET they said. The movie poster was not available in any shop in Boston so they told the Traffic Girl to just find a copy as they needed it to hand over to the illustrator who was doing the illustration pro-bono- again this was for that non-profit org. PBS. The Traffic Girl was the resourceful type - she found a copy by calling Spielbergs' studios or some outfit of his. She purchased it under her name and listing our agency as the mailing address. So the ad gets made - -looks just like Spielberg's poster. And it runs - nationwide with everyone thrilled -even at PBS.

Who knew Steven Spielberg reads TV Guide?

He did. And he went bonkers. Called his lawyers -who looked to see if anyone had purchased the poster and sure enough they found the Traffic Girl's purchase. So Spielberg launched an enormous lawsuit against the Traffic Girl - it listed her- and the agency for violating his property rights. This was so serious it was kept totally quiet as if it went against them - the agency was gone -literally. The agency in question is Arnold Worldwide. We weren't so worldwide back then but to take us down was a big accomplishment and that was Spielberg's goal. Once Spielberg's lawyers were made to understand this was a one time ad, they agreed to settle out of court for $$$$$$$$ donated to Spielberg's favorite charity. Once the donation was made, Spielberg sent the box of chocolates to the young woman who was only doing what she had been told by her boss who he had completely terrorized.

I always loved the fact this was a pro-bono ad for PBS promoting science that so angered Spielberg. He should be a perfect pairing for Pelosi. Expect more Republican gains in 2012.

Mrs. P

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