Tuesday, December 14, 2010

FLG Can't Take It Anymore

Despite the immense mental anguish Rufus is causing FLG, the man persists in blogging the canon. Today, it's Thucydides.

From experience, FLG knows Rufus' posts are like a star nose mole fucking a warthog -- it's hideous to watch, somebody is going to get hurt, but you cannot avert your eyes from the awful spectacle. This post didn't stray to far from that. Reading his post felt like somebody took a ball-peen hammer to FLG's eye sockets and skull, removed his brain, ran it through a cheese grater, then a mortar and pestle, and finally thinned the concoction with urine and battery acid.

To be fair, Rufus does address an interesting question -- whether democracies can be successful empires -- but that's only because somebody else raised the issue first.

FLG'll just jump to the end and save y'all the excruciating pain:
At some point, I think we do need to question the last 2500 years of propaganda about the greatness of Athenian democracy. But, in terms of Gach’s concept, what’s most interesting about the Peloponnesian war is how incompatible the culture and concepts of that democracy were with maintaining an empire in essentially the same way he suggests they would be. Republics seem to have great difficulty maintaining the mentalit√© of democracy in the metropole and that of empire in the periphery. Maybe states should choose one of the other.

We need to question the propaganda about the greatness of Athenian democracy? Oh, really? Several issues. First, who is the "we" ? Rufus cannot extricate his thinking from his tiny, pea-sized little modern, democratic mind. Thus, does he want to put the greatness of Athenian democracy on trial within the constructs of modern, liberal democracy? That's like trying Socrates; even if you find him guilty, you'll still look like an idiot. Second, perhaps he ought to consider that maybe the people in the past 2500 years have respond to more than just propaganda, the insolent little fuckwad. Rufus has no business questioning anyone's or anything's greatness.

Lastly, what the fuck is up with the French spelling of mentalité? FLG can overlook the pretentious use of the word metropole because, well, it makes sense and FLG can't think of another word that by itself expresses the same idea. But French spellings of English homophones is too far, even for Canadians.

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Anonymous said...

FLG, growing up we had a Rufus in our neighborhood. He was a champion-sired Golden Retriever who was one of the first indications his line had been overbred. Absolutely gorgeous but dumber than a box of rocks. So we all endured him rather than enjoying what appeared on the surface to be a magnificent animal. Then one coldish winter night came the news Rufus was gone. And no one could believe Rufus had the brainpower to think of running away. But he must have because he never returned home.

It was about 4 months later when the animal control officer paid the visit to the family with his hat off, Rufus' collar in hand. Rufus hadn't run away. He had walked out on the ice of the not frozen over river and fallen through.

Whenever you write of Rufus, I think of that Rufus.

Mrs. P

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