Friday, December 10, 2010

Fantastic Mr. Fox

FLG looked out his back window and saw a fox sleeping. As he hurried off to get the camera, Miss FLG knew something was up. When FLG returned, she demanded to "See!". So, the pictures came out blurry because he couldn't keep his hand steady while holding a toddler.


Anonymous said...

That's fantastic. Tell me, any neighbors missing cats?

Mrs. P

The Maximum Leader said...

I have to chime in with Mrs P on this one. My mom & dad live in NoVa not too far from you as I recall. They had a fox living in their neighborhood. My mom left food out for it. I recommended against this as I feared that the fox might come after her own dogs. The fox, a few weeks later did charge one of her dogs - only to run away when my mom's other two dogs charged in and the fox didn't like 3:1 odds. The fox did kill a few small (and old) cats in the neighborhood as well as a rabbit kept as a pet. Animal control came and trapped the fox. (Neighborhood outcry prevented the termination of the animal I'm told.)

I'm against foxes in suburban locales overall. Be careful with Miss FLG. Them foxes can be unpredictable.

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