Saturday, December 18, 2010

And FLG Gets Emails Saying Not To Pick On LOG So Much

Say what you want about FLG: he's immature, crude, stupid, crazy, an asshole, whatever, but you'll never see something this fucking weird here at Fear and Loathing in Georgetown.

Mr. Kain explains some here.


The Ancient said...

I'm always surprised at how little people understand about the internet. I never bothered to look into what information was available to a blog owner about his posters: I just assumed that it was the same information available to the administrator of a listserv or a restricted, password-protected website.

I saw a bit of what was posted over there, and I more or less understand what was deleted. But here's the thing: it really isn't about internet technology. If you're a regular participant in a community of people -- as an administrator, a poster, or even a non-posting lurker -- you are going to learn things about other people. If you care enough to pay attention, or simply have a great memory, over months or years you can develop a very clear picture of who those people are -- even if they take pains to avoid referencing facts in their lives that would be accessible to skilled-data crunchers. That's where the potential for mischief arises.

And that seems to be what's happened over there at the League. (That, combined with someone exposing himself as a borderline sociopath.)

Anonymous said...

It's not that picking on LOG is a problem by itself, but it does distract you from object sex. dave.s.

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