Monday, November 8, 2010

Write Like You Mean It

William Brafford, about the only contributor over at LOG who doesn't make FLG want to pour molten silver in his eyes and mouth, examines some changes over there. One of the points stuck in FLG's craw:
A number of our individual contributors have ended up on enemy lists, but only one person has really attacked the League’s fundamental philosophy. That was Helen Rittelmeyer, who thought this blog’s corner of the blogosphere was too “gushy” and “huggy.” Part of the problem seemed to be the way that we got a little carried away praising one another’s work. The word “genius” got thrown around a little too freely. But those were heady days: it seemed like the conservative movement was going to have to turn to center-right intellectual conservatism post-Bush. Alas, it was not to be.

Just to be clear, FLG doesn't have an enemies list. He has a nemesis list, and none of the League made it, but most of the contributors are on fucking notice.

Later William continues:
I’ll go on record now as preferring discussion to debate. I’m blogging to learn, not to win, and I like the idea that even if one of us starts off with a furious rant, we can move to a calmer discussion from there. I hope the League remains a space where this is possible.

Now, FLG's problem with LOG has never so much the hugginess, but the lack of conviction when making arguments. Not so much lately, but previously there were a lot of maybes, coulds, and perhapses that always take the life out of an argument. If you believe something, then state it clearly and definitively.

Anyway, FLG has seen less of those indecisive caveats lately. Many of the League are still wrong, and goodness knows most of the new additions are wrong about damn near everything, but at least they're making definitive statements. FLG hopes that beneficial change is not what is causing William to worry/lament about the state of things over at the League. Concern should be directed more toward Rufus' obviously massive crack habit when he decides to blog Plato.

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william randolph brafford said...

You're right about the writing. When the blog started everybody was aiming for 2,000-word posts, and now we're OK with 300 to 700 words, we don't have to spend as much time hedging and speculating.

I hope Rufus never stops blogging the classics. Your near brain explosions are my third favorite thing on the internet, after Dr. Boli's Celebrated Magazine and PostSecret.

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