Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Quote of the day

I SPENT election night at a party at the downtown DC headquarters of Americans for Tax Reform, the place where Grover Norquist holds his famous Wednesday-morning strategy and networking sessions for all the conservative movements in the capital. Their election night was a strangely subdued affair given the Republican capture of the House. But that might be because of this conservative group's relentless long-termism.

FLG finds Norquist a zealot, but he is a conservative, and so zealously concerned about the long-term. People really do need pick up what FLG is puttin' down. This time horizons thing is fucking genius. Sure, it's blunt, but it works dammit.


The Ancient said...

this conservative group's relentless long-termism.

Grover's built a profitable little business that keeps him handsomely supplied with all the Manolos he might ever want -- but there is no "long-termism" to it, unless you think killing off the candidacies of people who might actually be able to solve problems rather than bleat about them is a future-oriented strategy.

(Grover's not anyone who really understands economics, or fiscal policy. He's just a tool for people who want to keep their taxes low in the short-term. And he's fine with that.)

Anonymous said...

Isn't it amusing how the nerds in D.C. become tools?

David Brooks is O's long-term tool and Grover is a short-term tool. Different tools but still, at heat, nerds.

Mrs. P

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