Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Plagiarism! Part 2

David Brooks ripped off FLG today, but without the benefit of the full Time Horizons theory:
The economic approach embraced by the most prominent liberals over the past few years is mostly mechanical...

Everything is rigorous. Everything is science.

Conservatives, who are usually stereotyped as narrow-eyed business-school types, have gone all Oprah-esque in trying to argue against these liberals. If the government borrows trillions of dollars, this will increase public anxiety and uncertainty, the conservatives worry. The liberal technicians brush aside this soft-headed mush. These psychological concerns are mythological, they say. That’s gaseous blathering from those who lack quantitative rigor.


George Pal said...

The economic approach embraced by the most prominent liberals over the past few years is mostly mechanical...
Everything is rigorous. Everything is science.

Holy crap but that’s funny. And it only fits FLG’s Time Horizons if you buy it; and I’m not. Is this the new meme (with Chait’s practical empiricism) by which liberals self-identify? Stimulus spending on posters that propound the success of stimulus spending? Unemployment benefits are a boon to the economy? Cap and Trade? Renewable electricity standard (RES)? Green jobs/economy? One could go on and on and on and never once come across anything even resembling green eyeshade accounting, rigorous science, or practical empiricism.

Brooks and Chait are both empiricists (dated definition).

Anonymous said...

I'm delighted to learn Brooks is stealing from you. However, let us dish up some more Brooks' reality. This column was written by the guy who claims he had it from O himself more than a year ago that there was no such thing as "shovel ready".

The success of stimulus was hinged on "shovel ready".

So, let's talk morality since Brooks raised it himself and not the morality of stealing from you though I give you permission to fill his snuff box with Ricin in return, let's parce this humdinger:

"Many of the psychologists, artists and moral philosophers I know are liberal, so it seems strange that American liberalism should adopt an economic philosophy that excludes psychology, emotion and morality."

(George - assistance required) -- now this sounds like Brooks is making the case for death panels, doesn't it? But let's not get off the path -according to Brooks when it comes to money - our prominent Liberals are cold hearted bastards just like Hitler, Mao, Stalin and Chavez as all of those guys fit Brooks' description of "excluding psychology, emotion and morality."

Now- that is something I will agree w/Brooks about. There he is right. Let's continue, shall we?

"Yet that is what has happened. The economic approach embraced by the most prominent liberals over the past few years is mostly mechanical. The economy is treated like a big machine; the people in it like rational, utility maximizing cogs. The performance of the economic machine can be predicted with quantitative macroeconomic models."

In theory and removing variables like humanity and unforeen natural calamities, true. But the problemo here is our cold hearted bastard libs didn't use real numbers for their quantitative macroeconomic models and then there's the missing shovel ready.

Let's continue - Brooks' again:

"These models can be used to make highly specific projections. If the government borrows $1 and then spends it, it will produce $1.50 worth of economic activity. If the government spends $800 billion on a stimulus package, that will produce 3.5 million in new jobs.

"Everything is rigorous. Everything is science."

Forget the scientific whopper of there being no shovel ready and focus on this scientific whopper dropped from the cold hearted bastard Pelosi's pie hole:

"Unemployment benefits are creating jobs faster than practically any other program, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi said Thursday….“It injects demand into the economy,” Pelosi said, arguing that when families have money to spend it keeps the economy churning. “It creates jobs faster than almost any other initiative you can name.”

Yup, only a non-emotional, immoral and insane prominent liberal would think $425 a week for a family is a job creator.

Mrs. P

The Ancient said...



(I've already said where I think Paul gets things wrong, so I won't repeat myself.)

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