Monday, November 15, 2010


One of FLG's readers tipped him to this bit of plagiarism:
In my opinion, an amazing number of mysteriously vehement, evidence-defying opinions can be better understood once you understand that the expresser of such opinions is unthinkingly assuming that most others are, in some particular respect, just like him.

Listen, Brian Micklethwait (London) of, FLG already had a name for this -- The Big Assumption. (Which will henceforth be referred to as The Big Assumption©).

Oh, sure. You'll say you've never heard of Fear and Loathing in Georgetown. That you arrived at this conclusion all by yourself. Bullshit!, says FLG.

FLG would point you to other people who have crossed him, but unfortunately none of them are still with us. Poor devils. So, please, a small footnote is vastly preferable to some massive, international incident involving ricin, umbrella guns, and Waterloo Bridge. FLG is a reasonable man, but his patience is limited.

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